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1-5PM (+8 Malaysia Time)
24 JULY 2022 (SUNDAY)


     Under-10 Boys

     Under-10 Girls

     Under-12 Boys

     Under-12 Girls

     Those from the lower age bracket can register in higher

     category for more challenging experience. 

     Category is based on Year of Birth.


     Time Control:  15+0 mins

     Pairing:  Swiss System

     No. of Rounds:  7


3.   SCORE:  

     1 points (Win), 1/2 point (Draw), 0 Point (Loss)


4.  FAIR PRACTICE:  Please approach the tournament with

     good sportmanship.  Lichess has the ability to detect unfair

     practice.  We would follow lichess monitoring practice and

     disqualify player(s) for unfair practice without further 

     mediation.  Arbiter's decision is final.


5.  DEVICE:  Only laptop or desktop is allowed.  Zoom must

     be switched on for monitoring purposes.

6.  INTERRUPTION:  Player has the responsibility in ensuring

     uninterrupted internet connection and power throughout

     the game.  The Organizer shall not be held responsible for

    such interruption.  In the event of Lichess server disruption,

    the result of the round during disruption still stands and

    there would not be a replacement round.

7.   ENTRY FEE:  RM30 for all categories (Malaysian)
                         USD8 for non-Malaysian


8.   CLOSING DATE: 15 JULY 2022  (FRI), 8pm.



      Prizes will be disbursed through online banking method.

      For all categories

      1st - RM200, 2nd - RM160, 3rd - RM120, 4th - RM100,

      5th - RM80, 6th to 10th - RM60 + Cert of Achievement

      11th - 30th Cert of Achievement,

      Every participant will receive a Cert of Participation

      Total Prize fund:  RM3840.

10.   PAYMENT  -

        a. Maybank 514187 214430,

            Effective Commerce Sdn Bhd.

       b.  Paypal (click here to pay), for non-Malaysian only.

       Please upload payment slip before submitting the entry.


11.  ENQUIRY -
                       Whatsapp +60 19-258 6355

12.   CLICK HERE to see full prospectus

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