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Loving chess..

Our son has been with KL Chess Academy for several years.


We enrolled him after he showed an interest beyond the basics of chess.


The coaches are attentive, patient and love what they do. My son had Coach Josephine, Coach David and Coach Frank. Learning is well structured with lessons followed by a training arena and homework given weekly.


The academy is an active part of the local chess community and encourages its students to attend tournaments for exposure and experience.


During the Covid-19 pandemic, they transferred seamlessly to online lessons without compromising on quality. The only thing my son misses is seeing his friends in class!


Melissa, Rumi’s mum
Jan 2022

KL Chess Academy has been an excellent partner in developing Jun Yin's chess and tournament acumen.


He gets to know many friends from other schools as well as international coaches over the years.


This is one of the meaningful activities every weekend.



Lum Hon Kuan, Jun Yin’s dad

Feb 2022

The academy has helped to cultivate my children’s interest in chess and made learning fun. Teachers are patient and supportive, so my children look forward to class each week!


Sophia & Claires’ mum

Jan 2022

KL Chess is a great center for people of any age or skill level. The coaches are knowledgeable and they organise many competitions which is good for exposure.


Nikka Johari, 17
Jan 2022

Coach Josephine is patient and good with kids. She comes up with score system and small gifts for the kids to strike and perform better. She will also take the extra mile to analyse the strength and weaknesses of my girl’s games before her tournaments.  Coach David is like a friend to my boy as he is funny and easy going. I can always hear their laughter when they are discussing the chess position or playing with other opponents online.


Both my kids enjoy learning chess with KL Chess Academy


Woon Lan, Ben & Chloe Loh’s mum
Jan 2022

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