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OUR coaches

Franklin Morcella

Popularly known as Coach Frank, he graduated as a cum-laude in education, a teacher by profession in the Philippines, now focusing on teaching his favourite hobby at KL Chess Academy. 

Coach Frank has a rating of 1900 (NCFP), been an active online player, currently an Arena Grandmaster (AGM)

Josephine Berago

Coach Josephine has been teaching chess passionately for many years now.  She is known for her patience and instilling perserverance in her students.


Coach Josephine has a rating of 1900 (NCFP) and is an Arena FIDE Master (AFM)

John Michael Silvederio

Coach Michael has vast coaching experience including overseas posting in the UAE.  He has worked with many children and helped elevate their level of play to formidable standards.

Coach John is rated at 2200 (FIDE & NCFP), a National Master (NM) and an Arena Grandmaster (AGM)

Christopher Diaz

Coach Chris has worked in many countries as a chess coach and spent many years in Singapore training successful teams in schools.

Coach Chris is rated at 2043 (FIDE) when at peak, a National Instructor (NI), National Arbiter (NA) and an Arena Grandmaster (AGM)

That's what chess is all about.  One day you give your opponent a lesson, the next day he gives you one.


        ~ Bobby Fisher ~

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